Dr. Georgina Laragy

Glasnevin Trust Assistant Professor in Public History and Cultural Heritage, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Dr Georgina Laragy is the Glasnevin Trust Assistant Professor in Public History and Cultural Heritage which is a unique post that sees a collaboration between academia (School of History and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin) and the heritage industry (specifically Glasnevin Museum / Experience Glasnevin). She is currently director of the M.Phil in Public History and Cultural Heritage at TCD. Before coming to Trinity College, she worked at Queen’s University in Belfast and Oxford Brookes University on two research projects related to the history of the Irish Poor Law. Prior to that she worked at the University of Limerick on a project exploring the medicalisation of maternity through general and psychiatric hospital records in early 20th century Ireland. She received her Ph.D. from NUI Maynooth in 2005.

She is an Irish historian focused largely on social history, in particular the history of suicide, death and poverty in nineteenth and twentieth century Ireland. Her book ‘Suicide in Ireland, 1795-1914’ is currently under contract with Liverpool University Press. She has also researched and published in the area of poverty, looking specifically at the role of the workhouse in the relief of the poor in Ireland from 1838.

Relevant publications

Laragy, G. ‘Suicide in Ireland, 1795 – 1923: a social and cultural history’ (under contract with Liverpool University Press)

Laragy, G., ‘‘Items in the sum of that great calamity’: suicide in Dublin during the Great Famine’ in Emily Mark Fitzgerald, Ciaran O’Reilly and Ciaran McCabe, Dublin during the Great Famine (UCD Press, forthcoming, 2022)

Laragy, G., ‘Locating investigations into suicidal deaths in urban Ireland, 1901-1915’ in Laragy, Georgina; Purdue, Olwen; Wright, Jonathan Jeffrey (ed.), Urban spaces in nineteenth-century Ireland (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2018), pp 144-161.

Laragy, G., ‘A peculiar species of felony’: suicide, medicine and the law in Victorian Britain and Ireland’, Journal of Social History, (Spring, 2013), pp. 732-743.

Laragy, G., ‘Narratives of poverty among Irish suicides between the Great Famine and the First World War’, in Poverty and sickness in modern Europe: Narratives of the sick poor 1780-1938, eds. A. Gestrich, E. Hurren & S.A. King (Continuum, 2012)

Suicide and insanity in post-Famine Ireland’ in Culture of Care in Irish Medical History, 1750-1950, C. Cox & M. Luddy (eds) (Palgrave, 2010).

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