Dr. Catharina Th. Bakker

Freelance medical historian and publicist, also Member of the Board of Stichting Zuster Vernède, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Dr. Sabine Braunschweig

Independent Social Historian, Basel, Switzerland.

Eldrid Bringmann

Director of the Faculty of Health, University of Applied Sciences Leiden. The Netherlands.

Jantien de Bruin

Filmmaker. Autonomous, documentary and portrait photographer, The Netherlands.

Prof. dr. Bianca Buurman

Professor Acute Care for the Elderly at the University of Amsterdam and
Chair of the Dutch National Association for Nurses V&VN.

Dr. Sarah Chaney

Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London and RCN Events and Exhibition Manager.

Dr. Bart Debyser

Researcher Innovation of Care, Lecturer in Nursing, and PatientParticipation, Catholic Academy VIVES, Roeselaere, Belgium.

Dr. Lyndsay Galpin

Graduate Admissions Specialist at the Londen School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Dr. Renske Gilissen

Head of the research department of 113 Suicide Prevention, The Netherlands

Prof. dr. Julie Gottlieb

Professor in Modern History, University of Sheffield, UK

Prof. dr. David Healy

David Healy is a psychiatrist, scientist, psychopharmacologist, and author. UK and Canada.

Prof. dr. Albert van Hemert

Professor in Psychiatry at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Dr. Mieneke te Hennepe

Curator of medical collections Rijksmuseum

Dr. Caressa van Hoe

Nurse in the mental health hospital Onze-Lieve-Vrouw in Bruges, Belgium.

Dr. Wouter Kusters

Independent philosopher and writer, The Netherlands.


Alison van Laar

RMN, BSc Hons (Nursing), PG Dip, MSc Health Sciences/Advanced Nursing Practice, Ireland and UK.

Dr. Igor van Laere

MD PhD, initiator and founder of the Netherlands Streetdoctors Group.

Dr. Georgina Laragy

Glasnevin Trust Assistant Professor in Public History and Cultural Heritage, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

Nadia Lubbers

Studentpsychologist in University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, The Netherlands.


Lotte Luijendijk

Msc, in nursing, nurse practioner in Arkin/Mentrum Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Dr. Ian Marsh

Canterbury Christ College, UK.


Dr. Saskia Mérelle

Senior Researcher at 113 Suicide Prevention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dr. Chris Millard

Lecturer in the History of Medicine and Medical Humanities, University of Sheffield, UK.

Dr. Peter Murphy

Senior clinical psychologist, Ireland.

Prof. dr. Manon Parry

Professor of Modern American History at the University of Amsterdam and Professor of Medical History at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Carine Neefjes

Head of Public and Education in Museum of the Mind, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Dr. Angelien Sanderman

Executive Board of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, The Netherlands.

Hugo Schalkwijk

Msc in Public History, Historisch College V&VN. The Netherlands.

Dr. AnneLoes van Staa

Lecturer ‘Transitions in Care’ at the Knowledge Centre for Innovation of Care at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Dr. Cecile aan de Stegge

Psychiatric Nurse and Historian of Nursing, Researcher/Lecturer at Faculty of Health, Department of Nursing. Leiden University of Applied Sciences. The Netherlands.

Dr. Joeri VandeWalle

Staff Officer Care in the Psychiatric Centre Sint-Amandus in Beernem, Belgium.

Annelies Verkest

Msc, lecturing in nursing at the Catholic Academy Vives, Roeselaere, Belgium.

Prof. dr. Sarah Waters

Professor of French Studies at the University of Leeds. University of Leeds, UK.

Dr. Hannah Zeavin

Lecturer in the Departments of English and History University of California at Berkeley, USA


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