Dr. Remco de Winter

Psychiatrist, chair of the Medical Direction of the Mental Health Institution Rivierduinen, near Leiden, The Netherlands


Remco (R.F.P.) de Winter, MD PhD, is a psychiatrist and chairman of the medical directorate of mental health institution Rivierduinen. He is a senior researcher at the Free University (VU, Amsterdam), Faculty of Clinical Psychology and the Parnassia academy. He is also lecturer at the RINO Amsterdam. His scientific work mainly concerns suicide prevention in mental health and the sub-differentiation of suicidality (www.suicidaliteit.nl).

He is involved in national strategies for suicide prevention (guidelines, board member SUPRANET etc.) and the development of treatment innovation. He has, in collaboration with Marieke de Groot PhD, introduced and translated CAMS for the Netherlands.

Until 2020, he was the Dutch national representative for the International Association for Suicide Prevention for the maximum term of 8 years.

Relevant publications

De Winter RF, Meijer C, Kool-Goudzwaard N, de Groot MH. Differentiation of suicidal behaviour. Chapter accepted in suicideproject, M. Pompili ed. Springer Nature; 2021

De Winter RF, Hazewinkel MS, van de Sande R, de Beurs DP,  de Groot MH.  Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Service. Characteristics of Patients With Suicidal Behavior and Subsequent Policy.Crisis 2020, https://doi.org/10.1027/0227-5910/a000651

De Groot, MH, de Winter RF. Beoordeling van het suïcide risico. Hoofdstuk 20 p 285-304.  In  Handboek suïcidaal gedrag . Redactie: van Heeringen, Portzky, de Beurs & Kerkhof de Tijdstroom 2019.

de Winter RF, de Groot MH, van Dassen M, Deen ML, de Beurs DP. Het vóórkomen van suïcidaal gedrag en suïcidepogingen bij de psychiatrische crisisdienst. Tijdschr Psychiatr 2017,  59(13), 140-149.

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